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Re: serial console on Pi Zero W

> Starting virecover.
> Starting local daemons:.
> ªR¥*Vj«Z*jªÖi¬VJZ­QU¥QT媖ªµ¨µZµRþU-UV+Ū*UZUV­TµRþ¨µ¨U¥ÕUժ¡ª­ŪZµ-U­V

This resembles the behaviour I observed on Pi 3 or 4 a while ago. It is
difficult to recall which Unix-like OS it was (likely Linux, certainly
not OpenBSD), but the effect was caused by the OS enabling Bluetooth,
which at least on some Pis shares hardware with the UART that handles
the OS serial console on the 40-pin header (so either one or the other
can work properly, but not both at a time).

    Denis Ovsienko

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