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Re: RPI3 lightening bolt and firmware files

mayuresh%acm.org@localhost (Mayuresh) writes:

>Unfortunately yes, it's 3B+.

>On raspbian I never got lightning bolt. And at some point, prior to
>raspbian I have used NetBSD on it (7 or 8 not recollecting) with no
>lightning bolt problem. (It was there, but was solved by copying firmware

One I2C port is used by the firmware. If the kernel takes over that port
(could happen with bad combinations of kernel and dtb files) you will
get the lightning bolt warning and the CPU will also run at low speed.

>BTW the firmware files for RPI0-3 are still changing upstream. See [4] in
>my last mail. Some timestamps are of last 2 days, too. You might want to
>try the latest ones.

Trying some arbitrary firmware releases may help, it may also cause
the problems you have.

                                Michael van Elst
Internet: mlelstv%serpens.de@localhost
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