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Re: RPI3 lightening bolt and firmware files

On Sat, Nov 21, 2020 at 6:04 AM Mayuresh <mayuresh%acm.org@localhost> wrote:

> A correction. I had copied the files to /boot, not the vfat partition. I
> reverted the change, but the problem persists, i.e.: on boot, red LED
> remains lit, green LED flashes twice and remains unlit after that, hdmi
> screen does not go beyond splash.

Is it a B or B+ model? My B+ is not stable even with Raspbian. I
assume it's a hardware problem. You mentioned B+ in the mail thread.
I've had much better luck with my B model. The B+ gets pretty hot. My
B+ continuously shows the lightning symbol even though I checked
current draw and it is well below 1 amp on a 3 amp power supply and
voltage stays above 5.1V. The official documentation says that the
lightning symbol should only come on at 4.63v +/- 5%.

Get another one and try it if you can.


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