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NetBSD/aarch64 on 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4B?

I was an active user of NetBSD/pmax and NetBSD/alpha many many years ago and have recently returned to using it via NetBSD/aarch64 on my Raspberry Pi 3B (I moved back over to it to see if it was more stable than the FreeBSD/arm64 I'd been using, and it appears to be, so far).

Earlier this week I got a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB model.  I tried installing the most recent NetBSD-CURRENT snapshot on this, to no avail.  I don't have a micro HDMI cable, as I usually use a UART serial console, and couldn't get any console output to see what might be going on.  (It's not clear to me whether NetBSD will even boot on the 8 GB Pi 4.)

Can anyone confirm managing to get NetBSD/aarch64 running on the 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4B model?  If not, is there any version of NetBSD confirmed to run that works with serial console that I can try??



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