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[Pinebook Pro] installing to eMMC


Now that I have made some promising first steps with NetBSD on the
Pinebook Pro, I would like to go one step further:

I would like to install NetBSD directly to the eMMC so that I no
longer need an SD card. This also means using U-Boot on the FAT
partition on the eMMC.

Can someone point me to how this works? Do I need to keep the existing
contents of the FAT partition around? Is it enough to cp the files
over from the FAT partition on the SD card?

More generally, I admit that I have a hard time understanding how
u-boot with NetBSD works. U-Boot docs seem to only cover Linux as far
as I can tell. Basically, I am worried about making the PBP

Currently, when I cold boot the system, it loads Manjaro from the
eMMC, and only a warm reboot will make it boot into NetBSD from the
micro-SD. I see zero console output before the kernel switches on the
framebuffer, which also means that there is no bootloader menu that
would allow me to fix things if they go wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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