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Re: NetBSD/aarch64 on 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4B?

Hi Paul --

I don't have a board to try, but you should be able to boot NetBSD on the 8GB model with the latest Pi4 UEFI firmware:


To use it, start with 'arm64.img' from NetBSD -current. Delete everything from the MSDOS partition except for the "EFI" directory, then place the contents of the RPi4 UEFI build on the root of the SD card.

First time you boot, interrupt the UEFI firmware by pressing escape and under the 'Advanced Configuration' find the "Limit RAM to 3 GB" option and disable it.

Let us know how it goes!


On Fri, 5 Jun 2020, Paul Mather wrote:

I was an active user of NetBSD/pmax and NetBSD/alpha many many years ago and have recently returned to using it via NetBSD/aarch64 on my Raspberry Pi 3B (I moved back over to it to see if it was more stable than the FreeBSD/arm64 I'd been using, and it appears to be, so far).

Earlier this week I got a Raspberry Pi 4B 8GB model.  I tried installing the most recent NetBSD-CURRENT snapshot on this, to no avail.  I don't have a micro HDMI cable, as I usually use a UART serial console, and couldn't get any console output to see what might be going on.  (It's not clear to me whether NetBSD will even boot on the 8 GB Pi 4.)

Can anyone confirm managing to get NetBSD/aarch64 running on the 8 GB Raspberry Pi 4B model?  If not, is there any version of NetBSD confirmed to run that works with serial console that I can try??



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