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Re: pinebook status update (20190122)

On 1/23/19 3:16 PM, Martin Husemann wrote:
Yes indeed, how to put u-boot on a machine is tricky (and sometimes requires
vendor tools).

I tried to build the corresponding u-boot package, which proceeded to install a cross-build (???) toolchain with no less than gcc 8.2. The build died half way through, and rm'ing the objdir must have taken half an hour...

The other part is simple though:

  - you create a msdos partition for EFI (our images use 80 MB, which is plenty)
  - on that partition you create EFI/BOOT and put /usr/mdec/bootaa64.efi there,
    and copy the full dtb tree (easiest to grab from a full image) there.
  - you create a NetBSD partition for the rest of the SD / eMMC, extract
    all wanted sets and don't forget to
	cd dev && sh MAKEDEV all

Then reboot and it all should work.

Thanks! I'll try that, next time.  ;)


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