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Re: pinebook status update (20190122)

You’re not wrong, but lack of up to date info on how-to or scripts that actually build images that can be blasted to media is an annoying problem. The requirements (and occasional bits of magic) are different for the different SoCs.

Perhaps we should set up a way that people can request images with any of the corresponding u-boot bits dd'd on to each image. Note that I'm not volunteering extra work for Jared at http://www.invisible.ca/arm/, but something like that with the pull-downs to select an image with the proper u-boot would probably help a lot of people. Building gcc 8.2 is not something that people commonly want to do.

I'd be happy to host pre-dd'd images, or a service which dds upon request. The latter seems to make more sense since there are 34 different u-boots, so I doubt we want to keep around a few hundred images.


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