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Re: 2013-09-09-netbsd-evbarm.img

From: Carsten Larsen <csr%innolan.dk@localhost>
Subject: Re: 2013-09-09-netbsd-evbarm.img (Re: 2013-08-23-netbsd-raspi.img)
Date: Sat, 14 Sep 2013 22:50:42 +0200

> Besides, the NetBSD image from Jun Ebihara works perfectly.

Thankx Carsten,
btw, I found one problem on display "red" color.

1. Add PKG_OPTIONS to /etc/mk.conf 

PKG_OPTIONS.mlterm=xft2 mlterm-fb

2. cd /usr/pkgsrc/x11/mlterm;make package-install

3. Type "mlterm-fb" to start Multi Lingual TERMinal emulator.

4. cat vimperator.six 


same color problem occur on X11.
startx and check icewm BSD daemon color.

Jun Ebihara

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