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Re: 2013-09-09-netbsd-evbarm.img (Re: 2013-08-23-netbsd-raspi.img)

On 09/12/13 17:41, Carsten Larsen wrote:
On 12 Sep 2013, 09:58 (CEST), Jun Ebihara wrote:
I've updated 2013-09-09-netbsd-evbarm.img.gz for RPI.


I fetched the image and installed it a few days ago.

- More Migration test for hardfloat: userland and pkgsrc
- benchmarking

There seems to be an issue with vfs. Also when I attach an USB network interface the module fails. I assume it might be due lack of power.

If you mean the

    WARNING: module error:vfs load failed for `usbverbose', error 45

messages when you say 'issue with vfs' then you can ignore these.

As for your axe(4), if you aren't physically removing/re-inserting it then it is most likely power. Debug output from uhubdebug=20 might help.

btw, what's wrong with the built in ethernet? :)


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