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Re: -current on OPENRD doesn't boot

(2012/10/19 4:31), Sébastien Bocahu wrote:

I indeed need to comment the following line from sys/dev/marvell/if_mvgbe.c
(mvgbe_ports array):

   { MARVELL_KIRKWOOD_88F6281,     1, 1, { 15 }, FLAGS_FIX_TQTB },

because my OpenRD-Base only has _one_ Gb ethernet port, and NetBSD was stuck in
the boot process for seeking a second one (well, that's my understanding...).

  Could you test with the following patch? I suspect your borard's 2nd internal
Ethernel MAC is disabled using the clock gating function and being hanging
to access a regsiter in the device.

The patch seems to be fine, the kernel boots up to the step where it ask for the
root device. Network devices are discovered before so I guess it is ok.


I can't test it more, because in the meantime I have changed my uSD for a brand
new class 10 8GB SD card, wich is not supported properly by sdmmc :(

Boot ends up with FS corruptions, and lots of these messages:

   "error reading fsbn"...

Doesn't the sdio chip in kirkwood-based boards support SDHC ?

 I'm sorry, I've not used sdmmc so far... :-|

The old uSD (in a uSD to SD adapter) was working fine...

I tried with and without your clock gating patch so I believe it is not related.

Thank you,


                SAITOH Masanobu (msaitoh%execsw.org@localhost

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