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Re: -current on OPENRD doesn't boot

Hello Masanobu,

> > Same issue here with an OpenRD-base. I tried both netbsd-6-0-RC2 and 
> > netbsd-6. 
>  netbsd-6, too?
>  My sata disk works fine with netbsd-6.
> > Have you been able to fix or gather more information ?
>  No, I have not been able to fix it. After noticing that My SATA disk works
> with netbsd-6, I have been using my SheevaPlug for developing -current and
> using OPENRD for netbsd-6 to speed-up debugging.

I rebuilt a new kernel with latest netbsd-6 sources and everything seems to be
running fine now. At least, my OpenRD now boots correctly and dmesg shows that
my SATA disk is wd0 :) !

I'm not sure whether last time error was due to a bug in NetBSD sources or if I
messed up while "patching" and updating the sources.

I indeed need to comment the following line from sys/dev/marvell/if_mvgbe.c
(mvgbe_ports array):

  { MARVELL_KIRKWOOD_88F6281,     1, 1, { 15 }, FLAGS_FIX_TQTB },

because my OpenRD-Base only has _one_ Gb ethernet port, and NetBSD was stuck in
the boot process for seeking a second one (well, that's my understanding...).

So I might have messed up with cvs updates that followed. Sorry !

Thank you,


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