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TS72x0 drivers in 5.0 (was: Re: TS-7200: time sync issues)

On Tue, 9 Dec 2008, Jesse Off wrote:

There is an optional battery backed RTC which is identical to a x86 PC RTC on the TS-7200.


Speaking of tsrtc... I partly run NetBSD-current on a TS7250 board for prototyping purposes -- and ISTR that my previous 4.99.x kernels attached the tsrtc driver, since my board has the optional battery backed RTC installed on-board from factory. However, with netbsd-5.0_BETA, I see now that it doesn't attach. Am I just misremembering?

I also played around with trying to attach wdc_ts as wdc0 at isa0 in my kernel config, hoping it would Just Work(tm) with my TS-RF2-CF PC/104-addon CF-interface. Looking at dmesg however, it doesn't appear to attach either. Should this work, or does the wdcN at isa0 (commented out) lines in the TS7200 config refer to something else, or are in any way TS7200-specific? (I commented out the wdc0 at tspld line that refers to the TS7200-specific onboard CF socket)

Best regards,

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