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Re: TS72x0 drivers in 5.0 (was: Re: TS-7200: time sync issues)

>Speaking of tsrtc... I partly run NetBSD-current on a TS7250 board for 
>prototyping purposes -- and ISTR that my previous 4.99.x kernels attached 
>the tsrtc driver, since my board has the optional battery backed RTC 
>installed on-board from factory. However, with netbsd-5.0_BETA, I see now 
>that it doesn't attach. Am I just misremembering?

I haven't tried the 5.0_BETA, but you are not misremembering ... tsrtc
should print an attach message.  From what I remember, the tspld driver
is responsible for attaching the RTC.  I assume tsrtc is in your kernel
config file?  And that RedBoot shows that you have a RTC installed?

>I also played around with trying to attach wdc_ts as wdc0 at isa0 in my 
>kernel config, hoping it would Just Work(tm) with my TS-RF2-CF 
>PC/104-addon CF-interface. Looking at dmesg however, it doesn't appear to 
>attach either. Should this work, or does the wdcN at isa0 (commented out) 
>lines in the TS7200 config refer to something else, or are in any way 
>TS7200-specific? (I commented out the wdc0 at tspld line that refers to 
>the TS7200-specific onboard CF socket)

I would think that if you get the address of the wdc controller right,
it should Just Work.  But I'll have to defer to Jesse or someone else
for that.  I do note a few lines in the TS7200 kernel config for wdc
controllers; are those the ones you want to use, or are there others?


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