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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!

>Please test the changes I just made to evbarm/tsarm/tsarm_start.S
>It will now (in theory) map the entire kernel :)

Hm ... forgive my stupidity, but it looks like you just changed the mapping
so it would calculate it based on the end size of the kernel image.  But
I didn't think the TS-7200 actually _had_ any SDRAM past the first 8MB chunk.
But anyway, I'll give that a try later on today.

But irregardless, the TS-7200 kernel needs to go on a diet anyway
... right now the gzipped image doesn't fit inside of the flash
(there's only 1.4MB of flash available for the kernel image).
Unless, Matt ...  you happen to want to write a flash-based first
stage boot loader for the TS-7200? :-)  (I could muddle though it,
but my free time is very limited).


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