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Re: TS7200_INSTALL kernel problem solved - kernel too big!

>>Please test the changes I just made to evbarm/tsarm/tsarm_start.S
>>It will now (in theory) map the entire kernel :)
>Hm ... forgive my stupidity, but it looks like you just changed the mapping
>so it would calculate it based on the end size of the kernel image.  But
>I didn't think the TS-7200 actually _had_ any SDRAM past the first 8MB chunk.
>But anyway, I'll give that a try later on today.

So, I finally got a chance to try those patches you put into tsarm_start.S.
Unfortunately, no go ... it dropped to a gdb-remote stub after a few seconds
(previously it failed almost instantly).

So ... should those changes be reverted?


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