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Re: [Fwd: Problem with Install Kernel for Kurobox Pro]

>A cursory byte-for-byte comparison of the two ramdisk.fs files shows 
>that they are mostly the same, but not identical.  It's difficult to 
>draw many conclusions without detailed knowledge of the file structure, 
>but there were two easily spotted differences.  The first is a 
>frequently occuring four byte sequence that is close but not exactly the 
>same, which I'm guessing is a date code.  The second is that the 
>apparent meat of the memory disk starts 512 bytes sooner in the Cygwin 
>version.  If this rings a bell with anybody, please let me know.

The dates changing shouldn't be a big deal ... but the start of the memory
disk being 512 bytes different could be a big deal.

Like I said, trying out the Linux-built ramdisk.fs image on Cygwin should
be an easy way to diagnose the problem.  If the Linux-built ramdisk.fs
still doesn't work with the Cygwin build, then I'd look at mdsetimage to
see if that is the problem (mdsetimage is the program that stores the
filesystem image into the kernel binary).


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