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Re: How to install NetBSD on NSLU2 (evbarm)?

On Friday 18 January 2008 17:08:24 Claudio Leite wrote:
> Is there any progress ongoing w/r/t to the flash bootloader for the
> NSLU2? I installed -current a few days ago and it's working quite
> well. In fact, I think it's running better than Linux does. It'd be
> great to have it load from flash (though the TFTP procedure isn't
> that bad, and once it's installed on a local disk I suppose you
> wouldn't need the serial console either...)

The easiest solution would be to extend the existing ARM gzboot code 
(sys/arch/evbarm/stand/{board,gzboot}) to support IXP425 and then 

The README in sys/arch/evbarm/nslu2 contains my thoughts on what needs 
to be done once gzboot is working.

Cheers, Steve

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