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How to install NetBSD on NSLU2 (evbarm)?

I see in the install.html for NetBSD-4 that the NSLU2 is now supported under the evbarm platform. I've run Debian on my NSLU2 for some time and am very interested in trying BSD. But, I'm a little confused as to where to find it.

In the NetBSD-4 documentation, I see the following under the list of supported devices:
Technologic Systems TS-7200
Arm, Ltd. Integrator
Intel IQ80310
Intel IQ80321
Team ASA Npwr
Intel IXM1200
Samsung SMDK2800
Arcom Viper

None of these appears to be a NSLU2 type device, which I thought was the Intel XScale IXP425. In the evbarm FAQ, I see a note that says to use a file "netbsd.bin" with a tftp server and redboot. I have the tftp server, and I have the serial port with which to talk to redboot, but I don't know where to get the appropriate "netbsd.bin". I've also scanned through several of the ftp sites offering NetBSD-4 and see more or less the same list of devices.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Thanks - Don

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