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Re: A3000 problems

Ignatios Souvatzis wrote:

>> - We should use it to set up BAT mappings, not base it on Amiga
>> model like we do it now (it's possible to put CSPPC into A1200 if
>> you have Micronik Zorro 3 busboard, which has CPU Fast Slot).
> seems certainly valid.
>> - Anything else?
>> My suggestions:
>> - Check for Zorro product IDs of BPPC/CSPPC in gobsdppc, pass
>>   this information to kernel.
> The kernel does have the zorro list (although it doesn't parse
> it early enough for BAT setup).

True. set_boot_args() is called before initppc(). So we can use the cfdev
list to find a Cyberstorm or Blizzard entry.

AFAIK the rom.manid for all is 8512, the rom.prodid is 100 for CSPPC, 110
for BPPC (?) and probably 25 for PowerUp (because it is mounted on a

Frank Wille

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