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Re: A3000 problems

Radoslaw Kujawa wrote:

>> Yes, my CSPPC is also identified as "PowerUp". I don't know why Adam
>> Ciarcinski, who wrote the initial amigappc port code, decided that
>> only 'E' serial numbers are CSPPC, but I also didn't care much.
> Maybe there's better way to differentiate between these two than
> checking serial number?

I don't even know where the difference between a "PowerUp" and a "CSPPC"
board is. AFAIR there were early developer boards. Were those just called

> We could assume that we're dealing with CSPPC
> if it's 604 and BPPC if it's 603. But this solution is as hackish as
> current.

Better would be: it's a BPPC when it is installed in an A1200. CSPPC
Some developer boards had a 603e. Were A2000-BPPCs ever released?

> Yup, that's the case - gobsdppc prints that kernel is loaded at 0x5000
> 0000. Loader should follow priority information from AmigaOS (CSPPC RAM
> is prioritized to be allocated first). Using firstseg option to
> gobsdppc is a workaround to this problem - kernel is loaded and
> executed successfully at 0x0800 0000 (and works as expected).

The FIRSTSEG/S option is misleading. In reality it is implemented as "use
segment with highest priority" instead of "use biggest segment".

>>> Do we support Zorro III RAM expansions at all in amigappc port?
>> [...]
> Looks like something bad happens if kernel is loaded into Z3 RAM.  Lack
> of BAT setup is the first problem here?

The kernel will be automatically relocated for the Z3 RAM, like a BPPC
kernel. The only problem could be that I'm always using a 128MB BAT for
CSPPC, while your Z3 RAM is 256MB.

>>> Kernel does not boot with Deneb USB card installed, even when flash
>>> ROM is disabled and Poseidon USB stack unloaded.
>> [...]
> Actually, today I removed CV64/3D from this A3000 and kernel booted
> with Deneb. No idea what difference it makes...

Maybe too much memory space used by CV64/3D + ZorRAM + Deneb? For CSPPC a
256MB BAT will be reserved at 0x40000000 for Z3 cards. But when the CV64/3D
is already using all the 256MB, the Deneb will not be BAT-mapped. Without
the CV64/3D it returns into the mapped 0x40000000-space.

Frank Wille

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