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Re: NetBSD/amiga sysinst (Was: Video of NetBSD/amiga 10.0_BETA network install in real Amiga 1200)

Carlos Milán Figueredo wrote:

> From: Frank Wille <frank%phoenix.owl.de@localhost> 
> Sent: jueves, 2 de marzo de 2023 18:53
>> With the NetBSD-10.99 beta installer I couldn't install from
>> a local FTP server. With the NetBSD-9.2 installer I couldn't
>> even configure my ne(4) (Ariadne-II) network card.
> What is the kernel output during boot procedure? Do you see the Ariadne
> detected?

Yes. I can also escape to shell and type
# ifconfig ne0
which shows me the NIC and its MAC.

But the 9.2 miniroot's install script does this:

Enable network? [y]
configuring network interfaces: ne0ifconfig: SIOCGIFMEDIA: Inappropriate
ioctl for device

Then everything fails. So on first sight it looks like a problem in the
script. Although this seems to be fixed during netbsd-10.

Then I checked the problem with the keymap again. After selecting '0' for
"din" the output is:
[: SMALL test, no fallback usage
ITEIOCSKMAP: function not implemented

Probably the install kernel no longer uses the ITE consoles, since 9?

I think this is an important point before switching to a default WSCONS
kernel: we have to replace "loadkmap" by "wsconsctl" for wskbd.

Frank Wille

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