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Re: Native NetBSD RDB editing (Was: NetBSD/amiga sysinst)

On Sun, 26 Feb 2023 at 22:23, Michael van Elst <mlelstv%serpens.de@localhost> wrote:
> abs%netbsd.org@localhost (David Brownlee) writes:
> >- Is there a NetBSD native tool for creating RDB data and writing
> >NetBSD/amiga bootblocks
> Not in-tree.
> http://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/misc/mlelstv/rdbedit.tgz.

Excellent - one assumes a nice friendly BSD licence? :)

Would it be reasonable to import - helpful for NetBSD/amiga users

> >- Can you write a disk image referring to a smaller disk onto a disk
> >and later adjust it to expand to the full disk
> Same as with other archs. Adjust partition, resize filesystem while
> read-only and reboot immediately.

Apologies - I phrased the question badly. Can an RDB format disk image
be written to a smaller disk, and then rdb tools (native and NetBSD)
used to adjust the partition sizes to effectively map the remaining
space (I assume the answer is also yes :)

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