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Re: Amiga install script 10.99.x no longer works

is%netbsd.org@localhost wrote:

>> Fetching base.tgz:
>> ftp: Can't lookup': Temporary failure in name
> [...]
> Maybe try to workaround
> by explicitly adding a / in front of the path given to the script? Or
> did you already?

I tried that. The original path was netbsd/amiga10.99/ in my own home
directory on the NAS. So I tried:

1. netbsd/amiga10.99
Result: Can't lookup

2. /netbsd/amiga10.99
Result: Not accepted. The scripts asks me again for the path, until I remove
the leading '/'.

Maybe it only works with absolute paths? So I shoud try
/home/frank/netbsd/amiga10.99 next time...?

Probably I'm just stupid and it always worked that way. ;)

Frank Wille

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