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netbsd install

I was forwarded with my problem to this email address.
My config is below. I got netbsd 1.3.3 from ftp.netbsd.org.
I read the install file.  I did everything exactly as it said with
partitioning and installing.  I did it at least 10 times or
more trying different things, but I get stuck at one point.

I did the partitioning as the guide says:
20mb root 800mb usr 80mb swap
and made sure the dostypes are set as the install said.

I transfer the miniroot.fs to the swap partition, then
I loadbsd or 'loadbsd-2.14 -b netbsd'.  Or I just boot off of swap.

I enter 'sd0b' as the root partition (just as the guide says), then
'none' for the dump, then
'generic' for the fs.

keyboard = '3' for us

I want to install and not upgrade so 'I'
'yes' I am sure I want to proceed.

which one is the root disk - I enter: 'sd0'

If I want to look at the disks?  I 'skip' this part.

then I get a message:

'following will be used for the root fs':
sd0a  /
I enter 'done'
'configure sd0b as swap'    - here I tried both y or n, same results later.

configure network ? - I enter no

edit fstab ? - I enter no.

after all the above it seems to be creating partitions, I get errors as
the 'install' guide says, and then it asks me how I want to install.

I choose 'd' for a local disk.

I find the sets to be extracted on my other ide hd, and I 
am ready to extract base.tgz.

I let it start and after awhile I get an error message "the disk is full"
It seems that it's trying to put everything on the root 
partition, it gets filled up and stops unpacking.

What am I doing wrong here  ?

Please help me.


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