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RE: ciss driver in NetBSD/amd64

That is correct. It appears even with 6.1.3 I will be missing out on a few
of the better fixes/changes.

I figured out why I did not see the CVS tag originally. Browsing through the
source browser from the website link with "only_with_tag=MAIN" defaulted the
branching off for release records are excluded.

Is there a process to request a pull-up into the next release or should I
just build a custom kernel against 6.1.3 and try and figure out what files I
may need to do so without upgrading to -current?

Sorry about the JPEG signature and HTML/Text formatting. Outlook is the
corporate mail standard and it just "happens" automagically to the point you
forget about it. At least I nixed the .VCF attachment :-)


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