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RE: ciss driver in NetBSD/amd64

I have found the CVS tags now so you may disregard my request.





From: Scott Burns [mailto:Scott.Burns%SeQent.Com@localhost]
Sent: February-09-14 11:04 PM
To: port-amd64%netbsd.org@localhost
Cc: scott.burns.phone%seqent.com@localhost
Subject: ciss driver in NetBSD/amd64


Having many HP DL380 G5/G6 and soon G7 machines that have the HP SmartArray controllers I see that: christos/chs/pgoyette and friends have been making some significant improvements in the ciss driver. I am most interested in some of the newer patches fixing issues with envsys monitoring/sensors, heartbeat and queuing.


One question I have is how do I determine which branch of NetBSD/amd64 includes which version of:




Is there some method/query for me to determine which version of this driver exists in:


                NetBSD 6.0.x,

                NetBSD 6.1.x



other than the obvious downloading of the source and manually searching?


Thank you




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