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Re: ciss driver in NetBSD/amd64

In article <008d01cf2665$10cb6030$32622090$@SeQent.Com>,
Scott Burns <Scott.Burns%SeQent.Com@localhost> wrote:
>That is correct. It appears even with 6.1.3 I will be missing out on a few
>of the better fixes/changes.

Yes, unfortunately the driver broke with the conversion to device_t.
I am glad to say that it is rock solid for me now :-) I am running
it on three machines and I am giving it quite a beating with -j 40
builds. You should be ok if you have a driver that pre-dates the
device_t conversion though. A driver that has the device_t conversion
and predates my fixes will not boot. The kernel gets stuck waiting
for a scsi event that will never happen because the pointer to the
scsi subsystem is wrong, so we try to lock a mutex in random memory
IIRC. It should be simple to port all the driver patches from HEAD to
-6 though.


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