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Re: Questions bfore installing amd64

> In my view you don't stand a chance here. Porting VirtualBox natively
> to NetBSD should not be excessively difficult, but as far as I know
> it, there is noone working on it. Mind you, NetBSD as of now does not
> work at all under VirtualBox, so I guess there is not much interest to
> make it among the developpers (which is understandable, people have
> limited time...). On the other hand, [Open|Free|Dfly]BSD all work
> better, if not perfect, under latest VirtualBox editions, so it should
> be possible (the usual answer is that VBox emulation is "not quite",
> but it is good enough for almost everyone else...).

Doh!! I recall booting netbsd in virtualbox on Ubuntu a few months
back!! My intention was to run multiple netbsd boxes in virtualbox
machines with my home system based completely on NetBSD again. ( I
used to have a hobby routing lab with 7 quagga+freebsd routers
runnning ospf/bgp, 3 interfaces each) I am now planning to scrap my
opensuse 11 and go back to Ubuntu. The other alternative I was
considering was to run NetBSD but  have concerns about multimedia
playback of restricted codecs ...

If somebody can tell me whether one can install flash player, and also
playback AVI, WMA, WMV9 (720p and 1080p HD)  VC-1  and mpeg4 media
codecs, I will then scrap Ubuntu and stick to BSD
Kind  Regards
[Gobbledegook for IT pros!!]

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