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Questions bfore installing amd64


 I already have netbsd i386 installed in a partition. I want to move
to amd64 platform.

1. I could not locate the boot ISO image for amd64 port here:
ftp://ftp.netbsd.org/pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-4.0.1/amd64/installation/ .
There is only a 3.2MB (what looks like a net install) iso file here.
Where is the complete ISO image?

2. I thik this is not possible, but let me ask anyways - Can I upgrade
form i386 to amd64 in place after booting the i386 OS? How ?

3. Are the fglrx ATI binary drivers supported? I have a 780G HD3200
graphics onboard Gigabyte mobo with be-2350 cpu.

4. I ultimately want to run VirtualBox under linux emulation. Can
somebody confirm if this is known to work? This will be a showstopper
for me if not.

Kind  Regards
[For  everything Gobbledegook!!]

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