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Some API CS20 notes


I recently picked up two API CS20 machines from Eric Schnoebelen (thanks, Eric!), and I thought I'd share some notes about NetBSD on these machines.

Disks on the IDE bus don't show up after a warm reboot.

The installer (from -current) doesn't make a proper disklabel on IDE disks. No idea what's going on, but one can run the installer or manually create / edit a disklabel, but it will never get read back from the IDE disk.

BTW - this is both with disks larger than 128 gigs and smaller than 128 gigs.

On a SCSI disk, when the first partition doesn't start at sector zero, the disk can still be made bootable (even with FFSv2), but the first stage bootloader can never find /boot and the system won't be bootable.

The machine panics when the installer newfses the disk when the disk already had data. It doesn't do this when one dds /dev/zero to the first few gigabytes:

    Command: /sbin/newfs -V2 -O 2 -b 8192 -f 1024 /dev/rsd0a

/dev/rsd0a: 32955.1MB (67492000 sectors) block size 8192, fragment size 1024
        using 720 cylinder groups of 45.77MB, 5859 blks, 11040 inodes.
ffs_newvnode: dup alloc ino=3 on : mode ffff/ffff gen ffffffff/ffffffff size fff
fffffffffffff blocks ffffffffffffffff
Stopped in pid 16.1 (mount_ffs) at      fffffc0000a51510:       ret     zero,(ra)

This, by the way, is with the -current installer from 25-January-2017. The toolchain, incidentally, didn't work, but the toolchain from -current on 24-January-2017 works just fine.

Just like my DS25 from last March, running multiprocessor is not stable. While last year it locked up, now it panics, but the debugger seems useless (bt and other commands show nothing).

Would anyone like serial console access to a CS20 running multiprocessor?

Running single processor on this CS20 seems to be working well and the system is stable - I've been doing all sorts of things and compiling lots of things for twenty four hours straight with no problems.


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