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45 AlphaServer DS10L's & 8 CS20's looking for a new home

As much as I love all my DS10L's, as they approach college age, it
has come time to retire the last remaining systems.

I have 45 systems, plus parts, available for anyone who wishes
to pick them up in Plano, TX (a northern Dallas, TX suburb.)

Most should run, but the only three I can guarentee are the
last three still in the rack.

I figure I'll be calling the recycler to pick them up about mid

Anyone interested?


Eric Schnoebelen		eric%cirr.com@localhost		 http://www.cirr.com
    As folks might have suspected, not much survives except roaches,
        and they don't carry large enough packets fast enough...
	      --About the Internet and nuclear war.

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