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Re: magic switch to ARC console?

>> I do sometimes wonder at the engineering prowess of the
>> DEC/Microsoft ARC engineers[...]
> This was an unacceptably glib thing to say.  My apologies.

Not _totally_ unwarranted; even if it's buried behind a couple of
"expert mode" selections, I really think there should be a way to reset
the machine from ARC (and SRM too; I haven't looked for it there, so it
might be that SRM doesn't have it either for all I know).

> I fired up my own PWS600au to confirm.  The ARC selection is CMOS
> Setup --> F6 (Advanced) --> Console selection: (UNIX) SRM.

That's what I found.

> You may only power down the machine from ARC (F10), but using the
> soft reset on the front panel retains the CMOS.

Then I guess I need to replace the battery.  Needing physical access to
bring the machine back from a power-cycle is..a problem, in my setup.

> The battery is [...]

Oh, that's good news.  Thank you!

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