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Re: magic switch to ARC console?

On May 30, 2011, at 7:48 PM, der Mouse wrote:

>>> Hm, I think I found the right path through the menus, but the
>>> setting didn't stick when I cycled power.  Is there a way to reboot
>>> from ARC?  I didn't see any.  (Based on dhop's post, I'll try to
>>> find a battery to replace, but probably won't have the leisure for
>>> that for some days.)
>> I think I've been able to get by with just a reset, but it's been a
>> while.
> How do you do that?  I didn't see anything in the menus and none of my
> other experiments (like a break) did it.  Is it something (like a
> front-panel button) that requires physical access?  I may have to
> shelve this until I have both leisure and physical proximity again.

Yup, physical access.  I set the SRM in the ARC menu, and hit the physical 
reset button on the front panel.  The CMOS retains enough juice in the reset to 
recall the settings.  I do sometimes wonder at the engineering prowess of the 
DEC/Microsoft ARC engineers to omit a soft reset in ARC (now watch someone 
identify it and make me feel like a heel...).

Though I haven't sourced a replacement battery all these years, I believe at 
one point I did identify the thing on the board.

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