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Re: magic switch to ARC console?

On Mon, 30 May 2011, der Mouse wrote:

As for the latter, it says things like "Press F2 to enter SETUP", but I
have no idea what octet sequence it's expecting to see on the serial
line for such things.  Actually pressing F2 gives me ESC-[-1-2-~, but
that doesn't seem to do it; all that really means, though, is that the
terminal emulator doesn't agree with the ARC on this matter.

[Taken from the OpenVMS FAQ: http://h71000.www7.hp.com/wizard/faq/vmsfaq_016.html] The full list of AlphaBIOS key sequences -- these sequences are needed when using an LK-series keyboard with AlphaBIOS, as AlphaBIOS expects a PC-style keyboard:

F1 Ctrl/A F2 Ctrl/B F3 Ctrl/C F4 Ctrl/D F5 Ctrl/E F6 Ctrl/F F7 Ctrl/P F8 Ctrl/R F9 Ctrl/T F10 Ctrl/U Insert Ctrl/V Delete Ctrl/W Backspace Ctrl/H Escape Ctrl/[ Return Ctrl/M LineFeed Ctrl/J (Plus) + upselect (some systems) (Minus) - downselect (some systems) TAB down arrow SHIFT+TAB up arrow


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