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Re: magic switch to ARC console?

> [Taken from the OpenVMS FAQ: 
> http://h71000.www7.hp.com/wizard/faq/vmsfaq_016.html] 

Hm, that bounces through a couple of redirects and goes 404 (with a
totally blank page, no less) for me.  Dunno whether it's gone dead or
it just doesn't like me or what....

But I've saved the list.  Thank you very much.

> The full list of AlphaBIOS key sequences -- [...]

Hm, I think I found the right path through the menus, but the setting
didn't stick when I cycled power.  Is there a way to reboot from ARC?
I didn't see any.  (Based on dhop's post, I'll try to find a battery to
replace, but probably won't have the leisure for that for some days.)

I also see shift-tab listed on that keystroke list.  As far as I know
there is no standard for what octet(s) that generates on the wire; do
you know, or can someone try it?

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