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Re: magic switch to ARC console?

On May 30, 2011, at 3:24 PM, der Mouse wrote:

> I just turned on my PWS600au for the first time since...January 18th,
> from what I can tell.  It appears to have decided to switch itself from
> SRM, which I've been using for as long as I've had it, to ARC: 


> (1)
> how could this have happened, and (2) how do I switch it back?

This began happening to my PWS600au several years ago, when the motherboard 
battery died.  If this is the cause for your troubles, then on every cold boot, 
you'll face this default NT boot ARC (and a clock reset).

I don't have the machine in front of me, but to reboot into SRM you'll need to 
go into the ARC Advanced menu, I believe.  Fish around a bit, apologies for not 
being precise.  In there is a setting for the default console, I usually set it 
to UNIX or "Other"; either of these will reboot into SRM.  On poweroff, you'll 
have to do this over again until the battery is replaced.

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