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Re: Self baked kernel panics

> Yes. look at PR 34446 which describes the same problem.

And chances are, that this has been solved now :) And if not, at least

>> COPTS+=-mcpu=21164a (same as -O0 -mcpu=21164a)

> regardless of the possible kernel bug, that sounds wrong. Why does
> _appending_ to a variable make it lose its default value (which is -O2)?

I really do not know. I just know that both kernels were of the same size
(and panic'd) so I figured, it must have been the same. Especially, as the
explicit "-mcpu=21164a -O2" kernel is substantially smaller - and boots up
just fine.

Maybe the default is not taken, if COPTS is defined at all? I still do not
get the whole thing, like when or why I should use COPTS, rather than well
known CFLAGS/CXXFLAGS. And what about CPUFLAGS?

However, for now I will gladly settle with COPTS+="-O2 -mcpu=21164a -pipe"
for the whole system, until I run into new problems and except when giving
Itohs patch a try - as soon as I am able to apply it.

For now I will focus on the next problem, that build.sh does not work due
to lack of nbconfig, but that will be another post. Pretty soon.

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