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Re: Self baked kernel panics

On Sat, Feb 09, 2008 at 12:56:54PM +0100, Ede Wolf wrote:
> First of all, thanks for your support and that you even took the time to 
> explain. Even though I still do not really understand it, it gives at least 
> an idea, which is worth quite a bit. 
> Below some statistiks for generations to come. When I remember that once in 
> the FreeBSD make.conf was a huge warning to not use -O2 on alpha as it was 
> known to create broken code and now the kernel only comes up at all when 
> optimizations are used...well, times tey are a changing. Currently it is 
> not -mcpu, but -O0 to blame.

Yes. look at PR 34446 which describes the same problem.

> COPTS+=-mcpu=21164a (same as -O0 -mcpu=21164a)
> make: 1434.00s real  1258.00s user   184.40s system
> Size = 12400k
> Panic: yes

regardless of the possible kernel bug, that sounds wrong. Why does
_appending_ to a variable make it lose its default value (which is -O2)?


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