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Re: rust vs rust-bin

Bob Bernstein <> writes:

> From git May 19th.

Time to update; that's old

>>  any mk.conf contents
> X11_TYPE=modular
> PKG_OPTIONS.xscreensaver+= pam opengl
> PKG_OPTIONS.firefox60+= alsa
> PKG_OPTIONS.rxvt-unicode+= rxvt-term
>>  whether or not you have done either a pbulk to get pacakges, or have
>>  done a full pkg_rr, or ? to ensure that your built packages and your
>>  pkgsrc sources match
> The last full pkg_rr was last done a couple of months ago. :(

That's old too.   It is not really expected that building a random
package will work with out-of-date other packages.

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