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Re: rust vs rust-bin

On Thu, 25 Jun 2020, Greg Troxel wrote:
Paul Goyette <> writes:

How can I install librsvg (and stuff that depends on it) _and_ install
lang/rust at the same time?

Put RUST_TYPE=src in mk.conf and that should work.

I ran into this a while back but took no remedial action then. Now with Greg's suggested edit to mk.conf, I reran my build of librsvg. Rust runs aground seemingly on OPENSSL problems, the first of which is (I think):

"openssl.56kuhk2r-cgu.0:(.text._ZN63_$LT$openssl..ssl..SslContext$u20$as$u20$core..clone..Clone$GT$5clone17h0cba6b0c7238bf53E+0x9): undefined reference to `SSL_CTX_up_ref'"

...followed by a succession of other SSL infelicities e.g.

"openssl.56kuhk2r-cgu.2:(.text._ZN65_$LT$openssl..x509..X509Ref$u20$as$u20$alloc..borrow..ToOwned$GT$8to_owned17hf91f833acecd5c07E+0x6): undefined reference to `X509_up_ref'"


"openssl.56kuhk2r-cgu.5:(.text._ZN7openssl3ssl3bio6create17h8a11eee68a63aef9E+0x8): undefined reference to `BIO_set_init'"

Submitted for the entertainment and enlightenment of the assembled faithful. All friendly comment is welcome. Sorry I do not have at this juncture better documentation of the problem.

Thank you.

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