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Re: elinks upgrade request

On Sun, Jun 07, 2020 at 04:26:32PM +0000, nia wrote:
> I've been tempted to drop elinks for a while and point people at
> links instead, since it seems to be in a much better state.

As of I tried several of them (links, I guess there was a different
links2, lynx, w3m, elinks etc.) several years back only elinks was meeting
my requirements (defining keybindings, opening tabs over socket and so on,
besides nice rendering).

I'll have to test out links for all these, unless someone could readily

I'll try and contact upstream. I already subscribe to their mailing list,
but nothing happened there for at least last 5 years.

But one strange thing that coincides with this thread is suddenly there
are some updates on their download page [1]. After 30-Oct-2012 the next
date is 07-Jun-2020 that is today. Is it that big of a coincidence that
while I was writing this thread someone came out of a 8 year moratorium
and updated the download page? Or is it that some automated job updates
some files daily?

Will try and connect to find out.

But in the meantime I request, please do not remove elinks. It's a great
piece of work and as far as my memory goes links didn't really match up on
some features.



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