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elinks upgrade request

This is with reference to discussion thread [1]

I confirm that the reported issue (SSL error) is indeed solved in version
.13 as also upstream post [2] says. Would request to upgrade the pkgsrc
version. Interestingly post [2] also indicates someone wanted to make this
request in pkgsrc for the same issue in 2015!

Short summary of changes:

Added the following due to some compilation issues, as I do not need lua:
CONFIGURE_ARGS+=       --without-lua

Barring patch-ae other patches were removed and it works fine so far.
Those patches were failing. Won't be sure whether those patches are indeed
not needed. At least I am not facing any issues.

Removed the following from PLIST

The distfile is named elinks-current-0.13.tar.bz2 while the directory
inside the package is named elinks-0.13-20200607. I do not know how to
handle this in pkgsrc. I'm sure there must be a way. I just manually
repackaged it with name elinks-0.13 to work around this.

Of course, checksums need an update.



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