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Re: firefox still fails on 2020Q1, netbsd-8, amd64

On Mon, 11 May 2020 11:38:47 +0100
Mike Pumford <> wrote:

> There is a std:is_empty but not a std::is_empty_v so it looks like 
> firefox is relying on some sort of non-standard extension or something 
> so new that its not made it into documentation yet.

No, it is there and our STL is too old. :

template< class T > inline constexpr bool is_empty_v = is_empty<T>::value; // (since C++17)

It may suffice to bundle these templates into the firefox package with
an ifdef. Depending on what else it uses.

Otherwise we need changes in pkgsrc infrastructure to allow packages to
depend on gcc-libs for STL and clang for compiler (as mandated by
Firefox). I think it could work for leaf packages.


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