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Re: Is *anyone* using pkgsrc on IRIX?

Kamil Rytarowski <> writes:

> I would add a big WARNING in ./ and force usage of an extra
> command option (like --skip-endangered) to pass the build on these
> platforms. If nobody will step in 24 months, there is nobody that cares
> enough.
> Warning everything except MacOS, Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD,
> Solaris/Illumos, OpenBSD and DragonflyBSD is reasonable.

This seems entirely gratuitous.  People using platforms like this know
that they are likely to run into issues, with just about anything.

I don't think we need to do anything further.   That existence of a for an old system isn't bothering anybody.

I really did mean only to talk about developers making decisions when
there is a patch for an old system, and that patch is iffy and causing
problems.  I tend to want to drop such patches after a quick query on
pkgsrc-users to see if anybody wants to fix it a better way, or can
explain that it's no longer needed, etc.

I think we should only remove things when they are actually causing
problems.  I am opposed to just deleting things for the sake of deleting
them.   The old platform mk files have been there for a long time, and
aside from this discussion, basically nobody has noticed.  That's a clue
that they are not causing problems.

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