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Re: Is *anyone* using pkgsrc on IRIX?

Boyd Lynn Gerber <> writes:

> I've been looking into pkgsrc for all the SCO Legacy OS's (UnixWare 7,
> OpenServer 6, and OpenServer 5).  We have a community of about 1,500
> Users.  With the Definitive Series the include a native development
> system and gcc-2.95.3.  I've successfully used Ryo ONODERA patches to
> get a gcc 4.2.4 and binutils 2.24 to build a pkgsrc base on OpenServer
> 5 Definitive 2018 and OpenServer 5.0.7 MP5.

There is SCO_SV as platform.  There is no README.SCO_SV, but there is
README.OpenServer5.  All of this is just over 6 years old.

> I would prefer the SCO support not be removed so we have more modern
> Open Soure Projects.

Generally, pkgsrc is happy to keep platforms if there are users, and
there is some notion that anything actually works.

So I would encourage you to see if the instructions in
README.OpenServer5 are up to date, and to send a patch if they should be

You may want to think about how to cope with C++11; gcc4.2 will fail on
a lot of packages.

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