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Re: mail/dcc glitch and fix writes:

> I happened to fix a glitch in mail/dcc.  This was spotted by Petar
> after I found that dccifd would not start when it was called without
> modifications to it’s config and database files.  The original patch
> file for fix-map was somehow never checked into our pkgsrc, so I made
> up my own.  Please feel free to make use of it as you see fit.

I've applied that.  (I had to regen distinfo as the SHA1 you sent didn't
match my patch file after creating it.  Also PKGREVISION++.)

Please check and see that I did it right, and follow up by private email
if not.

(Petar: If you would like something changed, ask me, stage in wip, etc.
It's unusual to have a non-committer OWNER, and I'm guessing you are ok
with this given the discussion.  I'm trying to be efficient rather
than heavyhanded.)

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