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default options


While trying to build www/firefox (again), I looked at the options of the required packages. I'd like to suggest a review - or an explanation - of a few options, in order to cut down the dependency tree:

wayland: both x11/gtk3 and www/firefox have this switched on by default. Is this really the right decision, at least at the moment?

gtk2: net/avahi depends on this old version of Gtk. I don't use avahi directly. Are there actually any GUI programs installed? Are they worth pulling in this legacy version of Gtk?

x11: lang/python27. How many packages are there left, that install a Python 2.7 script that relies on X11? I guess/hope the main use of Python 2.7 is a build time dependency, which probably does not need X11.

And finally: lang/llvm defines options for all kind of target architectures. Are they really built, or does the configure process cut this down to just the one needed? I don't know how much time and space this would actually save, but if other packages don't build cross compilers by default, why does llvm?



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