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Re: default options

On Sun, Mar 22, 2020 at 09:08:59PM +0100, Jrn Clausen wrote:
> wayland: both x11/gtk3 and www/firefox have this switched on by default. Is
> this really the right decision, at least at the moment?

The develpoment library is very small and only takes a few minutes to build,
at most. It takes less than a minute on my laptop from 2015.

- Yes, because it makes wayland usable on NetBSD 9 and Linux. Note that
it's only enabled for these two platforms.

- Yes, because if it's enabled in gtk3 and not firefox then firefox fails
to build.

> gtk2: net/avahi depends on this old version of Gtk. I don't use avahi
> directly. Are there actually any GUI programs installed? Are they worth
> pulling in this legacy version of Gtk?

Yes, there are GUI programs installed. Perhaps they should be split off.

The package does support gtk3 and should probably be switched.

> And finally: lang/llvm defines options for all kind of target
> architectures. Are they really built, or does the configure process cut
> this down to just the one needed? I don't know how much time and space this
> would actually save, but if other packages don't build cross compilers by
> default, why does llvm?

They're for cross compilation. I thought disabling these would be a good idea,
then realized that some programming languages (Crystal comes to mind)
fail to build when there are targets missing. Cross compilation is generally
an inherent feature of newer LLVM languages.

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