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Re: netbsd-8 built-in heimdal insufficient?

On 18/03/2020 15:04, John D. Baker wrote:
Base heimdal may be linked against base OpenSSL (1.0.2k in netbsd-8),
but pkgsrc heimdal explicitly does NOT link with any OpenSSL (even 1.1.x
in pkgsrc).  So, the solution for "heimdal linked against obsolete
OpenSSL" is to install "heimdal not linked with ANY OpenSSL".
I didn't realise that but you are right just checked the deps on my binary package and there is no direct ssl dependency. That's a very wierd situation. I'll see if I can figure out how that happens.

openldap-client (new package to satisfy nss_ldap)

For what its worth I have a lot of the same packages on my 8.x amd64 system and I didn't actually encounter any problems with the openssl change. I've been running with it now for quite some time as I track the pkgsrc mainline. I would have expected to run into issues if there where any as I run https, imaps, and SMTP with TLS support on one of my 8.x systems.

Alas, I can't update this machine to netbsd-9 as siisata(4) is broken
for me and hoses my RAID.

Nasty. That can't be fun to try and debug as the cycle times for recovery must be awful.

I always kick the tyres of a new release fairly hard on my build server before pushing it out to everything else.


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